Hear what our customers have to say

I am elated that our company chose WoundSense® as the software of choice for our residents’ skin care needs. It is a tool designed to help improve the quality of documentation and our residents’ skin care!

As we all know, better documentation and care can also lead to better defense against industry claims and survey reviews. I also like this program’s report capability, which allows for easy access and “real time” evaluation of compliance of our resident’s skin.

Debra Purcell, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Director of Skin Integrity Services

Implementing the WoundSense® application in an enterprise wide, centralized database enabled our company to standardize our skin integrity documentation and reporting across 130 facilities.

Capturing data electronically at the bedside and having immediate access to comprehensive reporting allows nursing staff and management to more efficiently monitor healing trajectories and analyze interventions in order to proactively improve outcomes.

Mike Easley

Chief Information Officer

As a regional nurse consultant, WoundSense® allows me to streamline my work flow and manage wound care in multiple facilities. It gives me in-depth knowledge of all skin integrity issues without leaving my office, which saves time and allows me to do a better job and be more productive.

When a facility wound nurse calls and needs me to visualize a wound, I can do this in the privacy of wherever I’m located. Viewing multiple reports for any facility is at a click of the finger. WoundSense is an awesome product and makes my life easier in this ever changing healthcare climate.

Vickey Mason-Burgess, RN-BSN

Regional Clinical Care Consultant

WoundSense® has all my needed skin documentation right on the tablet and that makes it easy to complete my evaluations. The picture quality of the photos are excellent and the WoundSense Surface Area Calculator makes it easy to obtain my skin surface issue percentages.

Alyssa Thompson, RN, BSN

Long Term Care Unit MDS Coordinator