Improved Compliance

WoundSense® provides many tools to help facilities improve their compliance. From color coding evaluations that are due to providing reporting tools to help keep patient evaluations current, WoundSense® has it all.

Product Features

  • Easy to use – evaluations and photographs can be completed at bedside
  • Tap on body part showing the position of wound or tracked/non-tracked skin conditions
  • Evaluations for skin, wound and non-ulcer including Braden Scale and PUSH Tool
  • Automatic reminders are set by color coding evaluations that are due each week
  • Alerts for open evaluations
  • Enhanced visibility to monitor current and past treatments
  • Robust evaluation status reporting for wound nurses and clinical meetings
  • Full listing of open or incomplete evaluations on the resident page

WoundSense® allows users to choose a tablet with a hi-definition camera allowing for admission and readmission photographs as well as wound images. Wound images are used to automatically calculate the skin surface issues using the WoundSense® Surface Area Calculator.

WoundSense® Measurements

Linear length and width is entered based on nursing clinical measurements.

WoundSense® Wound Drawing

Drawing tool captures all skin surface areas then calculates percentage.